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Ай мурун

Gareth Southgate has named a provisional squad for the England's Euro 2020 campaign. Southgate has delayed naming his final squad due to injury issues and the upcoming Europa League and Champions League finals.

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Sky Sports Football
Sky Sports Football Ай мурун
What do YOU think of Southgate's provisional squad? Let us know. 👍
King Crucial
King Crucial 27 күн мурун
@Pharah Qalon Vardy retired from england 3years ago
Pharah Qalon
Pharah Qalon 27 күн мурун
No vardy why?the only english defender who man mark is AWB,they are going no where,dier shouldn't be there
Mez theba
Mez theba 29 күн мурун
He better win something 😂😂😂
King Crucial
King Crucial 29 күн мурун
@Fan Site he retired from england to concentrate on club football
Mike Murray
Mike Murray 29 күн мурун
Zero Fish
Zero Fish 12 күн мурун
Where stones?
Brendon McKenna
Brendon McKenna 25 күн мурун
Tomori instead of coady
Yash Balloo
Yash Balloo 27 күн мурун
James Maddison , Bamford and Dier are missing
Moby Whale
Moby Whale 27 күн мурун
Even the lower ranked teams are richer than other top teams in Europe Because of the oil mafia and broadcast incomes. But the good thing about this is that the clubs in the UK do buy the best players of Europe. So the young English players don’t get any chance at all. The result of this all? The English national team become a joke for the last 30 years, They will never ever win something on a tournament or whatsoever. Without the foreigner players the English teams would be also a big joke. Kick and rush!
Pharah Qalon
Pharah Qalon 27 күн мурун
England are not going to win simple,
Quantvm 28 күн мурун
can’t wait till we play France and Southgate’s on the phone begging AWB to stop Mbappe from tearing us a new one
szsmix 28 күн мурун
Well England is fucked lmao. When your manager doesn’t even know the team. Not because there’s too many good players.
alan duncan
alan duncan 28 күн мурун
A serious lack of left-footed players.
Gebreel 28 күн мурун
As an outsider looking in, non-English, but internationally I’m a general football fan, I think Tomori and Ben Godfrey should be on this squad after Maguire and Stones. I understand neither of them have been under Southgate’s setup for long, but the performances this season for their respective clubs were better and above the likes of the usual backup CBs. Definitely future starters England.
Brown Girl
Brown Girl 28 күн мурун
iXccept 29 күн мурун
Harry Kane? Awb? Phil foden?
amirhossein mobarakabadi
amirhossein mobarakabadi 29 күн мурун
United:6 City:4 Chelsea:3 Vila:3 Everton:3 Liverpool:2 Arsenal:1 Spurs:1 Leeds:1 West Ham:1 Southhampton:1 Wolves:1 Brighton:1 WBrom:1 Sheffield:1 ATM1,BVB2
Hugh Gedeek
Hugh Gedeek 29 күн мурун
AWB is better than James, if Walker can play CB then so can AWB. Tarkowski and Maddison (better than mount sometimes) should've been picked. Coady can only play in a back 3. Greenwood and Saka have had crap seasons. Foden and Grealish are midfielders.
amirhossein mobarakabadi
amirhossein mobarakabadi 29 күн мурун
Wow; English clubs srysly need to limit the number of foreign players in their squads...
YouTube Clips
YouTube Clips 29 күн мурун
Do you think if Dean Henderson stayed at Sheffield United he would be number 1 gk
Ankur Mukherjee
Ankur Mukherjee 29 күн мурун
Bamford should have been included
Aditya Talati
Aditya Talati 29 күн мурун
AWB is the best defensive RB and offers a decent amount in attack One on one he has been unbeatable He can defend very well against big players like mbappe etc Probably trent shouldn't be in there But that's my opinion
fizz113 29 күн мурун
0:30 3:42 literally contradicts...
fizz113 29 күн мурун
No AWB or Nick Pope?! If Pickford plays a single minute, I'm calling for him to leave.
Zac Brad
Zac Brad 29 күн мурун
England player good when they separating but when they combine, not really ,even when u see many stars in the squad dont know if they can make it to the semi final
Wasy Habib
Wasy Habib 29 күн мурун
My preferred lineup GK : Dean Henderson CBs: John Stones + Harry Maguire RB : TAA LB : Shaw CDM : Henderson (captain) CAM : Mount CAM : Grealish LW : Foden ST : Kane RW : Sancho
Joes Foster
Joes Foster 29 күн мурун
Foden and grealish will tear teams apart
Colin Dixon
Colin Dixon 29 күн мурун
Underwhelming springs to mind 💩😔💩😔
Absolute Warrior
Absolute Warrior 29 күн мурун
Willock and Bamford overlooked? Lol
Mikey Modelle
Mikey Modelle 29 күн мурун
*final 26* D Henderson Pickford Johnstone Trippier Walker Terrance Trent Alexander D'Arby James Shaw Chilwell Maguire Stones Coady Mings Rice J Henderson Phillips Mount Lingard Bellingham Foden Greilish Sancho Sterling Calvert-Lewin Kane Rashford
rainbowthegod 29 күн мурун
If Reece james doesnt go southgate left out England best defender for trent
Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton 29 күн мурун
Ramsdale Lingard White Godfrey Trippier Watkins Sancho Would be staying at home
Gareth Priestley
Gareth Priestley 29 күн мурун
When we don't have a strong defence you'd think Aaron wan bissaka would be in the team
Stephen Turnbull
Stephen Turnbull 29 күн мурун
The north south bias is obvious
Bott👁mEyeView 29 күн мурун
Jesse Lingaard??! One amazing run and he's in?? By that logic throw in Willock. Do the English really not have better attacking midfielders.. I'm sure he wont make final squad but if I was Maddison, Davies or Alli I'd punch the first Gareth I meet up with..
Alec Gurney
Alec Gurney 29 күн мурун
Why would you choose a good player with bad form over an inform lingard
HAPPY SBH 29 күн мурун
No Patrick bamford no party
Prashant 29 күн мурун
Aaron Wan Bissaka cannot do anything more to be selected. Shocking he missed out
sol porter
sol porter 29 күн мурун
Ben White? 😂Wtf
sol porter
sol porter 29 күн мурун
Tomori? Maddison?
vander monke
vander monke 29 күн мурун
Saka over Bamford wtf
Kyle Hamilton
Kyle Hamilton 29 күн мурун
They don’t have gilmour though
Dwayne Lamberts
Dwayne Lamberts 29 күн мурун
Ramsdale, white, coady, trippier, ward-prowse, henderson, watkins will be left out
Cheximus 29 күн мурун
That picture of Southgate. Wtf is he doing with his mouth?
Mr. Be.
Mr. Be. 29 күн мурун
Bamford over sterling for example.....I don't want no bit player
It doesn’t matter What your name is
It doesn’t matter What your name is 29 күн мурун
So basically just one striker.
It doesn’t matter What your name is
It doesn’t matter What your name is 29 күн мурун
Bamford ings?
kwame darko
kwame darko 29 күн мурун
You individuals in the comments will never be satisfied. Bamford and Ings are great footballers but someone has to be left out full stop. England are a forward playing team, no surprises that Southgate has picked what he knows.
Shane Brown
Shane Brown 29 күн мурун
Forget bamford, wheres Tony hedges and ron Benson??
Hiếu Sports
Hiếu Sports 29 күн мурун
Wish Everyone would watch the video and comment from everyone✅✅
TheShane 29 күн мурун
4 goalkeeps ?? No AWB ?? We are not going that far in this competition with this team.....
Miynd Ybidnes
Miynd Ybidnes 29 күн мурун
Matthew Upson + John Terry partnership still gives me nightmares
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 29 күн мурун
sad theres no tomori
IAIN CAMPBELL 29 күн мурун
The one above all others that most certainly needs to be left out is, Gareth Southgate. No question.
Aw Some
Aw Some 29 күн мурун
Everyone knows now the game is won in defence. Goals are easy on the break. Defend, defend, defend.
Jam Jar 04
Jam Jar 04 29 күн мурун
I don’t get this, AWB not going to the Euros or otherwise he’ll be playing for Dominican Republic of Congo
JRealist 29 күн мурун
Midfield needs improvement 😭
ouss_mco 29 күн мурун
If Grealish still doesn't start for England then I don't know what to think anymore
Shemar Bailey
Shemar Bailey 29 күн мурун
Bruno robbed
wham donny
wham donny 29 күн мурун
Players that are most likely to get dropped in the 26 man squad 1: Ramsdale 2: Ben White 3: Trent 4: Lingard 5: Saka 6: Ollie Watkins 7: Greenwood
TL Strength & Conditioning
TL Strength & Conditioning 29 күн мурун
Southgate just named his team for The Euros....FRANCE!!
TVLover 29 күн мурун
No Chance of winning with that squad
Dez 29 күн мурун
Who else were you personally expecting? Because I'm quite baffled as to how Maddison, Bamford, Abraham nor Ings are involved at all... But that's just me
Abdul Mumin
Abdul Mumin Ай мурун
Danny mills went shopping with Chris eubank
Abdul Mumin
Abdul Mumin Ай мурун
Eric dyer should never of ever been near the squad
Brent Meister General
Brent Meister General Ай мурун
Great to see Southgate wake up and bring TAA back in!
SI Ай мурун
There is a lot of potential to play fast, attacking football there, but as usual, the manager won't let that happen. I'd love to see a manager come in and just try and out score teams. We play too conservatively.
Mikel Cividanes Bertini
Mikel Cividanes Bertini Ай мурун
Trippier has been amazing for Atlético
MAHESH S Ай мурун
isnt wan bissaka from england. hes the best.
Southgate is a useless coach he has no clue in what his doing Southgate is the reason they won't pass the group stages
Callum Plays
Callum Plays Ай мурун
AJ Scott
AJ Scott Ай мурун
Kane is still the main man and whilst I do like DCL; I would've had Ings or Bamford as a backup instead tbh.
arturo roman
arturo roman Ай мурун
can anyone explain why is there a need of having 4 Gk please?
Dez 29 күн мурун
You never know when an injury could strike, for any one of them, or two of them even
Wai Yan Oo
Wai Yan Oo Ай мурун
I don't understand how Greenwood and Watkins are there over Bamford... idc how good the 2 are, but Bamford is the second highest scorer and he doesn't even make it here? Also how did James Maddison not make it either? The bias towards "big clubs"
Not Top Cat
Not Top Cat 29 күн мурун
As a villa fan, nice to be counted as a big club again...
Glenn Maidment
Glenn Maidment Ай мурун
I'd of given vardy a call ask him to come back to the squad
Foo - {[Lee]}
Foo - {[Lee]} Ай мурун
Froma a Milan fan: You will regret that you didn't pick Tomori. One of the best defenders in Italy since he arived and was crucial to Milan finishing 2:nd in Serie A.
Mo Davidson
Mo Davidson Ай мурун
Ings dropped for a 4th keeper 😂😂😂😂😂 if 3 keeps get injured just give up.
N0t_ Ambxr
N0t_ Ambxr Ай мурун
I've got a good feeling about this
Michael Feeney
Michael Feeney Ай мурун
Could be the year of the underdog..... England anybody ?
Usman Ahmed
Usman Ahmed Ай мурун
Really shocked not to see Patrick Bamford name in provisional squad
Rob Coward
Rob Coward Ай мурун
I'm sorry but it's an absolute joke that Ollie Watkins gets in over Bamford. He's been miles better than Watkins this season!
Jay Fellows
Jay Fellows Ай мурун
No ezri konsa? Are you sure Gareth
Ramiz Afzal
Ramiz Afzal Ай мурун
No wan bissaka
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Ай мурун
Mon the Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
abdi wooriah
abdi wooriah Ай мурун
So Wan bissaka to Dr Congo?
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson Ай мурун
Worst England squad in along time
Amier Shaufiek
Amier Shaufiek Ай мурун
Imagine picking Phillips over Willock and no Bamford 😂
Dilip ghising
Dilip ghising Ай мурун
One goalkeeper will miss out , 3 defenders and 3 forward will miss out . The midfield will remain the same . Provided no injuries
Soumil Barua
Soumil Barua Ай мурун
I am really glad to see Trent in the squad!!!🤩
Fridah Mbula
Fridah Mbula Ай мурун
Where is mount
Dez 29 күн мурун
I think he's genuinely in the line-up
Avfc Ай мурун
Buzzin for them 0-0 draws!
Arsenalsreal gunner
Arsenalsreal gunner Ай мурун
Saka in yesssssssssssssss
Cameron Barber
Cameron Barber Ай мурун
Where is phil foden he deserves to be in the England line up
Brandon W
Brandon W Ай мурун
@Cameron Barber No worries, there would have been an uproar if he wasn’t included 😂
Cameron Barber
Cameron Barber Ай мурун
@Brandon W I didnt hear his name
Brandon W
Brandon W Ай мурун
He is in the lineup 👍
0-4 at home
0-4 at home Ай мурун
Ward prowse deserves to be in there aka best set peice take in the world
TheRedGuy8 Ай мурун
The main 26 man squad I'm confident will be more or less what I expected. I can't say how Tomori has done as I don't watch Serie A. I would have chosen Wan-Bissaka over Reece James any day though. His defending is top class, and his attacking output as improved as well. I get why people are upset about Bamford, but our attacking quality is brilliant anyway and he probably doesn't fit the system as well as others. The really good thing though is that Dier isn't included.
Southgate is a former villa player and also a fan reason why he picked so many villa players. England will be home faster than he thinks
Not Top Cat
Not Top Cat 29 күн мурун
Actually he’s had a pretty strained relationship with villa fans since moving to Middlesbrough back in his playing days. Some of us thought he had a chip on his shoulder about it, couldn’t think why else he avoided picking Grealish so long. Seems to have got over it now.
Liam Mccooey
Liam Mccooey Ай мурун
What is coming home with that lot lol
ALI J Ай мурун
Just a thought but recce, walker and trippier kind of offer the same style of play. I would pick TAA, one of the mention 3 and WAN BISSAKA. I feel it would make sense tatically.
tan can xch
tan can xch Ай мурун
portugal and Belgium are the strongest team in fact
Laurent Gerxhalija
Laurent Gerxhalija Ай мурун
Reece James but no wan Bissaka. Full backs need to defend, not attack
Thomas Manual Thadathil
Thomas Manual Thadathil Ай мурун
This tym really coming home😍
Jiayi Cao
Jiayi Cao Ай мурун
England 0 - 3 Croatia
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed Ай мурун
Harry from man utd is injury he do well
Zak Mosley
Zak Mosley Ай мурун
Everyone acting like bamford is the be all and end all. He doesn’t work hard and Southgate wants a hard working team
Dez 29 күн мурун
I'm not saying Kane, DCL and Watkins don't work hard, but Bamford works just as hard, and that's coming from a Chelsea fan - he absolutely deserves a call-up. Controversial, but I'd have him in and Sterling out.
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed Ай мурун
Austin Menya
Austin Menya Ай мурун
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