Gary analyses the key factors in Man City's title win! | The Gary Neville Podcast

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Ай мурун

The final day of the Premier League season wasn't without drama and Gary Neville breaks down the key moments and players in Manchester City's title winning season.

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Geordie Red
Geordie Red 26 күн мурун
You cant have it always Garry, if you want supporters, then you should show respect for their views and not try to silence them !!! If they want to booo maybe you should ask yourself why !!!
Snowy Ren
Snowy Ren 27 күн мурун
Heroes that do not kneel to these police state people
Sunny Days
Sunny Days 28 күн мурун
Gary "Wherebyeeee" Neville
UK Boxing Blogger News
UK Boxing Blogger News 28 күн мурун
Gary is turning into a utd let down the way he sucks city's ass lately, neville city fan
Edwin Mills
Edwin Mills 28 күн мурун
AJ 28 күн мурун
You'd have thought a man who's been in the media for 50 odd years that feedback exists. Just wear headphones.
MarbleHalls TV
MarbleHalls TV 29 күн мурун
carra and neville competing with podcasts now.
T E D 29 күн мурун
Gary 'Whereby' Neville
mikecheq45 29 күн мурун
Keep on booing the knee. Politics should be kept out of football.
SwayNo 29 күн мурун
Loads and loads of money The End
Shaggy 8392
Shaggy 8392 29 күн мурун
No other club got 2 weeks off to recuperate in winter.
Rick Oneill
Rick Oneill 29 күн мурун
24:44 No Gary
mike heap
mike heap 29 күн мурун
Best team in north west and all the world....CTID 💙.
Henry Williams
Henry Williams 29 күн мурун
Gary claims to be on the side of fans but won’t get rid of VAR, which is for club chairman. Charlatan.
Jae 29 күн мурун
97 united fans couldnt take the truth.....
DizzyUpTheFool 29 күн мурун
Erm, money.
Suvan Acharya
Suvan Acharya 29 күн мурун
Gary “whereby” Neville
Kon Zaros
Kon Zaros 29 күн мурун
good podcast but sort out the echo!
Hachi Riko
Hachi Riko 29 күн мурун
25:00 Im sorry but forced classes on how to act isnt acceptable. Fascism and/or communism isnt the answer
philyburkhill1 29 күн мурун
Money money money money
Jagon Chichon
Jagon Chichon 29 күн мурун
Martin Tyler's a bit of a hoarder by the looks of things. They've gotta be match day programmes or something like that
Morten Ramfjord
Morten Ramfjord 29 күн мурун
What horrible quality. Absolutely no work done into sound quality. Come on ...
Joe 29 күн мурун
G Nev doesn't speak for everyone. Keep politics out of football.
James Williams
James Williams 28 күн мурун
@Joe He never mentioned BLM or the booing from what I heard. He's on about Rio being racially abused at the Wolves game, which surely is a concern no? I agree on BLM and politics in football btw
Joe 28 күн мурун
@James Williams BLM are a radical political pressure group. This whole thing is tainted with radical left wing politics. Plenty of people aren't on board with it. Football isn't the place to have this conversation. Fans are entitled to boo players taking the knee. I would.
James Williams
James Williams 29 күн мурун
What politics are you referring to? He said people who racially abuse players or staff should be punished. You seriously don't agree?
Shaggy 8392
Shaggy 8392 29 күн мурун
The house of Lords don't speak for everyone. They are unelected. Yet they effect how we live and what laws we have to abide by.
Aykhan Karaman
Aykhan Karaman 29 күн мурун
Bundesliga still better league than farmers league EPL.
WILL.I.AM.NOT123 29 күн мурун
The echo is killing me
Edward Iffla
Edward Iffla Ай мурун
Gary "whereby" Neville
Mike Nolan
Mike Nolan Ай мурун
Gary to many syllables in the word "Yesterday" Neville
Mike DC
Mike DC Ай мурун
Whenever I hear this man voice. I instantly think of fifa
zoundsic Ай мурун
Beats Micah's attempt. who thinks city are vulnerable with the ball rathar than when they concede possession. Details Micah
Mike DC
Mike DC Ай мурун
Man city will be winning the league again. Maybe all titles next season
Larry Vidin
Larry Vidin Ай мурун
The person who authorized the upload/release of this unprofessional audio production needs to be sh!tcanned immediately. Arguably the most well known announcer and pundit sounding like they're in a basement in Iceland is unacceptable. Fix your sh!t @skysportsfootball
Ol' Dirty
Ol' Dirty Ай мурун
here's the biggest factor £££
Ian Finnity
Ian Finnity Ай мурун
Gary please don't get like the patron saint of hypocrisy, Lineker. Sport is the ONLY clean thing we have left. Keep ALL political stunts and cap-tipping out of sport. Forever.
blù Ай мурун
Taking the knee is submissive, bowing down..there's always going to be all types of discrimination, but taking the knee shows a lack of fight
Rieldans 29 күн мурун
lol what do you want?? Jumping jacks?
Aaron Brazier
Aaron Brazier Ай мурун
Brittany Moore
Brittany Moore Ай мурун
The sweltering rose reciprocally paste because clave surely note worth a earthy pancake. interesting, zany great-grandmother
Dan Harrison
Dan Harrison Ай мурун
Martin “ hoarder” Tyler
Knotwilg Ай мурун
How ... can you ... with the world meeting online for a year now ...
THEremiXFACTOR Ай мурун
Martin, you've got some paperwork to sort out mate.
Flavio Nichele
Flavio Nichele Ай мурун
Is money one of the factors? Until there is more of a level playing field in all football, then the same couple of teams will continue to win and every now and then we get a Lille or an Atletico or a Leicester Cinderella season..
BigShark69 Ай мурун
Man needs to tidy up.
Stektsopp Ай мурун
gary ''maguire has had the same impact as van dijk'' neville. ROFL
Scott Ай мурун
Neville saying that Wolves fan should lose his livelihood after what Carragher did. Interesting one that.
Sean Smillie
Sean Smillie Ай мурун
whatever happened to sticks and stones? a dafty with a drink in him doesn't deserve to lose his job for words lol
Paul R.
Paul R. Ай мурун
F*uk the knee.
ChaoticEspeon Ай мурун
It's weird everyone harps on about VVD's injury as the reason Liverpool "lost the title" (didn't he play in the 7-2 defeat to Villa?) In 18/19 KDB was out for the majority of the season with injury... City still won the league. Last season, our best defender Laporte was out for almost the entire season - no one said anything about that being a reason why city "lost the title". Maybe talk about the lack of squad depth and the naivety of Klopp not strengthening after winning a title?
Thought Leader
Thought Leader Ай мурун
Man city fanboy...
Mehrki Doom
Mehrki Doom Ай мурун
Manunited bit starts @ 27:00 minutes thanks me later
Ashwin Tiwari
Ashwin Tiwari Ай мурун
Martin Tyler needs to meet Marie kondo
JoeyKneecap Ай мурун
As a professional broadcaster, how hard is it to get the sound right? The audio quality here is horrible. Why? Pure laziness?
Jayesh Moorjani
Jayesh Moorjani Ай мурун
Gary asked the question and gave the answer. How do you fit 6 technical players when it was difficult to fit 1- By having 6 of them to play together in the first place. And only city has the money to have all of them.
No one important
No one important Ай мурун
For a company the size of sky... do you really need 10 adverts on a 30 minute video 🙄.
Rohit Rokka
Rohit Rokka Ай мурун
‘Hi there everyone! Welcome ‘ reminds my martin tyler from fifa 🥺🥺. I miss him in fifa 21 😞
MeeBeeGeeBee Ай мурун
Too many adverts disrupt the conservation. (Whoever's to blame)
Matt Black
Matt Black Ай мурун
Aguero, Silva and Kompany were the first blocks in the foundation of the original title winning side when Utds domination was ending at the end of the Fergie era
Anirban Samanta
Anirban Samanta Ай мурун
Am I the only one wondering why Gary has Butt's jersey framed up on the wall? I know they are friends and all, but that's a bit much, isn't it?
James M. Duffy
James M. Duffy Ай мурун
You mean he's not doing these from halfway up a crane behind some piping anymore?
d co
d co Ай мурун
the key factor in city winning league , was man utd dropping points , losing matches and scoring enough goals . And only for cavani and Fernandes they might even struggle to get into Europe . So they need Harry kane .
Sean Adam
Sean Adam Ай мурун
Gary "it was interesting that" Neville
Reece H
Reece H Ай мурун
Sutton United got promoted to Leauge 2 for the first time in 123 years and 1000 fans where there and the atmosphere was electric
Hasan Miah
Hasan Miah Ай мурун
Why does Gary neville keep interrupting the adverts?
zangezinho D
zangezinho D Ай мурун
Why the medias always forget Yaya Toure in the legends if Manchester City ???? It’s Shameful !!!!
Rieldans 29 күн мурун
probably because he was amazing but for less time compared to other city legends. At his best he was the best CAM ever in the league. But that was literally 2/3 seasons.
Benj Kilner
Benj Kilner Ай мурун
Gary “what would be” Neville
Conor McGuire
Conor McGuire Ай мурун
Gary “12-15 months” Neville
TheKinger Lavelle
TheKinger Lavelle Ай мурун
Gery you keepinp the knee
Thumbs Ай мурун
Are they a bunch of wisden?
Ubermetalhed Ай мурун
Money and no fans in stadiums. They basically played at home everywhere they went.
Craig Anthony Pemberton
Craig Anthony Pemberton Ай мурун
Use earphones bruh
Mr H
Mr H Ай мурун
Who needs Sky lecturing us on racism?
Seb Ай мурун
One key factor, Liverpool's injuries. End of video.
Mr H
Mr H Ай мурун
It wasn't just VVD. Liverpool lost multiple defenders and midfielders. It seemed to affect their mojo some how because even when they were drawing or losing, they still had all the ball and were generally the "better" team but suddenly looked clueless upfront too.
John b
John b 29 күн мурун
Ffs get over it
Charles Bull
Charles Bull Ай мурун
Has anybody seen Gary neville and dot cotton in the same room?
Aaron T
Aaron T Ай мурун
have a clearout martin
Vk Deen
Vk Deen Ай мурун
key facts: 1.deepest squad strength in the most congested season ever 2. no fans. limit emotional connection meaning the traditional clubs with the most passionate fans didn't gain that benefit. no 12th man ... that's it simple as that. quite frankly of pep couldn't win the title in this season he shud of been fired.
Anthony Beswick
Anthony Beswick Ай мурун
There is only one factor...Liverpool's top 3 CB's played a combined grand total of 23 matches. This "world-beating" City side amassed a whole whopping 5 extra points over last season, which still would've put them 13 behind Liverpool's total last year.
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Ай мурун
Where’s his scouse nemesis
Desouzington Ай мурун
Didn’t win a trophy between 03 - 06 👀👀 what???? No.. Ronaldos first was fa cup at Millwall
Ahmed Omar
Ahmed Omar Ай мурун
Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett Ай мурун
The only team capable of putting it up to City had a nightmare . I think City couldn't believe their luck Liverpool imploded
Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett Ай мурун
@Ability_Group poor season I thought. Next year will be much better. Liverpool won't be as bad , Utd may be better , Chelsea under Tuchel could push it , certainly will be better with fans 🤞🤞👍
Ability_Group Ай мурун
Thanks Tony, city are on a different level
MURPH1988 Ай мурун
Gary having a podcast with David Attenborough Neville
D S Ай мурун
Gary has lost the plot on the knee taking and BLM subservience
Sylar1968 Ай мурун
In what way?
Richard Tricker
Richard Tricker Ай мурун
Simple Gary , They we’re better than everyone else, bloke just likes the sound of his own voice. Didn’t take me 30 to work that one out👍🏻
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy Ай мурун
Gary Neville is that reminder, to me, that there was once a time when City-Utd was the big match. I understand Utd fans now tell us all it's Liverpool but as a kid in the 70s being brought up in M'cr that wasn't the case.
mike heap
mike heap 29 күн мурун
utd only say that to wind City fans up. Their fans can't talk about City their hate is that great. CTID 💙.
Anoop Sreenath
Anoop Sreenath Ай мурун
VAR has been a huge factor in their win
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson Ай мурун
As long as Pep stays at Man City they will be dominating English football for many more years to come.
Gary B
Gary B Ай мурун
Martin needs some new shelves or to stop hoarding old footy mags!
The black kid from Norway
The black kid from Norway Ай мурун
martin audio tyler
Jake Harris
Jake Harris Ай мурун
You put enough adverts into this video Sky? Think you could squeeze a few more in.
Thereal zee
Thereal zee Ай мурун
Everyones screaming money. United got money but what have they done over the last few seasons? Don’t worry I’ll wait! Give Man City as a whole the credit they deserve!
norm austin
norm austin Ай мурун
Gary if you think that taking the knee should continue study how it started who it was about and what it is supposed to represent and leave the choice to the individual who have just as much savvy as you
Richard Jones
Richard Jones Ай мурун
Gary is so ignorant on BLM and racism, he sounds like a teenage girl.
Daykz69 Ай мурун
Sound is really poor
Neem Noa
Neem Noa Ай мурун
The only key players that missed a significant number of games were Laporte (27 apps) and Agüero (19 apps). Laporte got covered by Rúben Dias who made 49 appearances while Jesus, Mahrez, Sterling and Foden all made 40+ apps in the forward roles. Ferran Torres had 36 apps too. KDB, Fernandinho, Gündogan, Silva, Rodri all averaged around 40 games too. So all this means Pep could play pretty much a full strength team in almost every game. A very strong squad with few injury problems.
richard rellis
richard rellis Ай мурун
Blm and knee taking are part of a political movement. Why pontificate on it ? Blm has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with left wing activism. Surprised you jumped on their bandwagon
Alan Kirkby
Alan Kirkby Ай мурун
Was Gary, a successful manager. ( just asking )
john dillinger
john dillinger Ай мурун
good gravy martin put a headset on. who signed off on this. couldn't even make it too 2 mins with that echo. awful.
W D P Ай мурун
The echo is minor stop moaning
Ko cho Gyi
Ko cho Gyi Ай мурун
Football like person is guess to play little money do to see support hard side get it,bs not start time and day feel team guess finish club name say wait to see side get,thus true side guess no good side other apart of two club,fair play for like funs side for.
Keith P
Keith P Ай мурун
The echo on this video. Wtf? Angers the hell out of me that professionals like these lads are putting out a video like this!!!!
elmobaybay Ай мурун
Not taking anything away from city its just a thought, my thoughts is that city when they looks at teams around them and who they have to compete they must look at Liverpool and go okei they will have a rough season Chelsea under lampard okei that's good for us and they looks at United and they must have thought to themselves we are farfar far ahead and better then them lots and to be fair everybody knew they will be back and its just a question of when
y1521t21b5 Ай мурун
3:55 Nodding like a true _ManU person_ there ;-) 8:24 A tad too simplistic. The impact was always going to be massive, but it was the accumulation of further injuries that scuppered our campaign. It was the fact that _Matip_ and _Gomez_ were out simultaneously that meant _Klopp_ had to cannibalise midfield to ensure there was at least one senior figure in the CB pairing. The knock-on effect of _Fabinho_ playing the bulk of the season at CB and _Henderson_ missing for too many matches for there to be a worthy reconstruction of the midfield for a sustained spell created an imbalance that couldn't be addressed in time to arrest *THAT* cataclysmic 12-match spell in which 26pts were dropped, including that scarcely believable 6-straight home losses. It exposed how limited what might look a strong squad on paper is in reality. A world-class first-XI collective that doesn't quite have a dependable bench. A delicately balanced winning machine that cannot cope with injuries to two or three key men. It was sub-par finishing that made a bad situation worse. Converting at the 2020 rate would by itself have flipped many of the losses suffered in 2021. Even with _van Dijk_ back to 90-100% fitness, 2020/21 has laid bare the need to replace a number of the second string who are too prone to injury or simply not of good enough quality. I hope the warning sounded by an abysmal season will be heeded this transfer window! *_YN❤️WA_*
Daniel Emerson
Daniel Emerson 28 күн мурун
It only becomes an excuse and not a reason when you hold the board accountable for going into a season with 3 senior centre backs (2 injury prone + not replace lovren)
Darren Kizito
Darren Kizito Ай мурун
Ratio GGMU🇾🇪
freescoring Ай мурун
Martin Tyler is a hoarder
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