"This is the toughest league!" | Pep Guardiola reacts to being named LMA Manager of the Year 2021

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Pep Guardiola gives his reaction to being named LMA Manager of the Year 2021, saying that the Premier League is the toughest league he's managed in.

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Zoro San
Zoro San 27 күн мурун
Did he compare Walker to Alves and Lahm? Neuer is by far the best goalkeeper he coached and according to Pep Lahm is the most intelligent player he ever worked with. Don't compare decent EPL players to legends especially those three who are amongst the greatest players of all time.
Faheem Shah
Faheem Shah 28 күн мурун
Its all fixing no one can win the prem except the 6
ManCity1 28 күн мурун
Congratulations to the greatest manager of all time!!
Hacker Bolte
Hacker Bolte 28 күн мурун
We still miss u pep here in barca . hope u will win ucl . good luck .💙❤
Double AA
Double AA 28 күн мурун
Congrats to Pep... Easily one of the greatest of our generation.
wale olabowale
wale olabowale 29 күн мурун
This season provide an indication of how strong it's been would it be different if no pandemic.we will never know!
Mr Hussain
Mr Hussain 29 күн мурун
Sir Alex said in his book that Pep was his first choice to replace him in 2013, but he had already told Bayern he would join them. If Pep was our manager after Fergie left we would have at least 3 titles since Fergie retired.
Undaar Daiger
Undaar Daiger 29 күн мурун
Brian shockledge
Brian shockledge 29 күн мурун
I love this man.
Jimmyjay 29 күн мурун
As a united fan pep fully deserved this 👏
saurav nayak
saurav nayak 29 күн мурун
Why are they asking him about his Mum. Crazy Interview
Bak 29 күн мурун
Klopp warned us Pep Guardiola is coming
Carl Edwards
Carl Edwards 29 күн мурун
Sean dyche best manager Record transfer 13m Spent this season 3m
Neil Fitzsimmons
Neil Fitzsimmons 29 күн мурун
Not so tough when you have unlimited oil money. Try managing Southampton, Palace, Wolves you wouldn't even keep them up..
afnan13122010 29 күн мурун
My World Class Manager
His nose is growing as he speaks
Freddy Ай мурун
City here - well said Pep and Tony. Thank you to the NHS Doctors, Nurses and volunteers!!! 💜💜💜 City is a nice club and his Highness Sheik Mansour is an absolute gem, very giving and kind, not just his and Khaldoon's work with the council to completely transform a run down area of Manchester but all the charity work - over 141 projects with the club charity - City in The Community. Stay safe everyone. 💙⚽💙⚽💙
Satyagajen Rajenthiran
Satyagajen Rajenthiran Ай мурун
I have a feeling pep might retire here in Man city. Seems so very happy with the management out there
Rushikesh Kharat
Rushikesh Kharat 28 күн мурун
He doesn't like the weather of Manchester!
Not with the financial backing he gets it isn't. They should be winning it every year. The cheats being applauded less than year after being caught breaking ffp rules sums up the fickle nature of football.
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 12 күн мурун
United spent a billion since 2013, why didnt they win anything then?
Hocane Ай мурун
She look a bit pregnant
Playmate Iryna
Playmate Iryna Ай мурун
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Adrian Zamfir
Adrian Zamfir Ай мурун
He will be a great manager when he will win trophies with a small team. Until then… he is only good.
Adrian Zamfir
Adrian Zamfir 12 күн мурун
@Jake Manning oh, you are so wrong mate. Just look at his stats before Guardiola, plus remember he had a very nasty injury around 2007. Messi made Guardiola, not the other way around. Messi used to score most of Barcelona’s goals when Pep was there, and he still does right now. What you just said is pointless.
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 12 күн мурун
@Adrian Zamfir Pep made Messi who he is. Messi was on a grand total of 10 league goals before Pep🤣
Adrian Zamfir
Adrian Zamfir 29 күн мурун
@indra I honestly don’t care how other people see him. At Barcelona he had Messi, at Bayern he had a great team, at City he has all the money in the world. Every manager will be successful in those conditions.
indra 29 күн мурун
The world will still see him as great manager even though some guy name Adrian doesnt agree.
Crazy Glasses
Crazy Glasses Ай мурун
The best manager of all time!
David McGinley
David McGinley Ай мурун
We need a new LMA manager game
Garry Gill
Garry Gill Ай мурун
One of the things that helped Man city to win was being used to playing in empty stadium
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 12 күн мурун
What's your excuse for the 100 point season?
Beyoncé Windmill
Beyoncé Windmill Ай мурун
Cheque book manager! Couldn't do it at barca atm could he!
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 12 күн мурун
Barca were in shambles before Pep arrived
Daniel Hyde
Daniel Hyde Ай мурун
All class
Lewis Ай мурун
How has he won this? Any other manager in his shoes could do what he does. Give Sam Allardyce a blank chequebook and he would be winning the manager of the year. Pep has never had to face any financial challenges. Only reason city are in the top 10
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 11 күн мурун
@Lewis And what proof do u have that Mansour invested only money from oil? It could be from banking as well🤣
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 11 күн мурун
@Lewis Yes Mansour invested, but since 2014 City have been spending what they earn
Lewis 11 күн мурун
@Jake Manning which wouldn't have happened without the oil. City wouldn't even be a top 4 club without the oil.
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 11 күн мурун
@Lewis Nice try lad, but City earn the 6th highest revenue globally.
Lewis 11 күн мурун
@Jake Manning City don't need to sell players because they have a river of Oil flowing under the emptihad
King Ай мурун
Barcelona to Bayern then to Manchester city lmao we all know why he chose city lol not because of the badge
Arabian 1
Arabian 1 Ай мурун
Your 💩
MrMadl1 Ай мурун
We will see on Saturday, who is the best.
Callum Rutherford
Callum Rutherford Ай мурун
I’ll literally stop watching football if these pricks just keep winning it from now on. Literally owned my Arab royalty, got billions upon billions to spend. How can anyone compete with that ? If you wanna make the league boring for anyone that isn’t the 2% of fans who support city (not including you ‘fans’ halfway across the world who supported them starting from 2 months ago). Just seems so boring, other leagues 100% better if that does happen in next couple of seasons
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 12 күн мурун
And United can compete. They've spent a billion since 2013 and won nothing
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 12 күн мурун
bet you werent complaining when SAF won it 13 times out of 20
Jojo Dawide
Jojo Dawide Ай мурун
La liga is as tough as prem pep forgot cuz at the time he was at Barcelona he had such a good player in every position that it felt easy
King Ай мурун
That Barcelona team was the best team I’ve ever witnessed lol I’m a United fan
Jojo Dawide
Jojo Dawide Ай мурун
Pep don’t feel pressure at city bc city haven’t won UCL and stuff but coaching clubs like bayern and Barcelona if u don’t win UCL ur out at least won’t be more than two season
Fatoom Gierdien
Fatoom Gierdien Ай мурун
Pep Guardiola is a Phenomenal Coach. His attitude , hunger to win, and exciting gameplay is so much appreciated. Thank You. YNWA
carlo Ай мурун
Spain tried to sneak in there for a couple of years but YES the Premier League is without doubt the best league in the world on so many levels
Farrukh Rakhimov
Farrukh Rakhimov Ай мурун
EPL is the best league for sure second La liga I think,3rd? Italie A serie 4th Ligue 1 5?BundesBayernleague
Chriso Ай мурун
Well it's not. The Championship is.
Yassini Hamadi
Yassini Hamadi Ай мурун
Yes Sir Pep he deserves it his the best manager in the world Nd he Improved a lot to the team Nd he won a lot of titles with the team Nd yes this the toughest league
James Winny
James Winny Ай мурун
Great manager, definitely aided by picking clubs with an influx of cash to acquire the best talent but still gotta coach and he does it.
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 12 күн мурун
Funny how no one considered the players Pep bought worldclass before they came to City
Robin White -Gough
Robin White -Gough Ай мурун
Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest and make money 💯
Ali Raza
Ali Raza Ай мурун
This chat is scary, are the real people or bots???
Chris lad
Chris lad Ай мурун
Crypts finished
player x
player x Ай мурун
Wow sounds good and I will have to contact her immediately
Ellen Barry
Ellen Barry Ай мурун
Thanks guys for this great information it will really help change people's lives in this hard time
Crypto Fiend
Crypto Fiend Ай мурун
Message her on what's app
The Arsenal MisFit
The Arsenal MisFit Ай мурун
Sorry but not manager of the year. With that budget not winning the title us a total failure. David Moyes did a much better job with what he had available , This is a joke of an award . If I were Pep I would be embarrassed by this.
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 12 күн мурун
United have spent a billion since 2013 and havent won a premier league, BIG failure
arturo roman
arturo roman Ай мурун
Try managing a club like fulham and win trophies. then I'll consider him the best manager. Cause Ferguson or Paisley didn't need a rich owner to bring their club to glory and success.
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 12 күн мурун
What did Mourinho win at Spurs? Ancelotti at Everton? Are they overrated as well?
Truth Ай мурун
Pep is such a lovely guy. Very humble and a serial winner and tactician. I wish he manages Manchester United one day.
Aiman S
Aiman S Ай мурун
i think i cant say anything bad about man city at the moment because of their op team except for their money hacks😅
Aiman S
Aiman S Ай мурун
@Abood Hss congrats for winning the pl and the league cup , I also think that they gonna win the CL
Abood Hss
Abood Hss Ай мурун
So just stf and just enjoy them winning
Bob Bobbin
Bob Bobbin Ай мурун
O 🤮
DaveKraft400 Ай мурун
Him and Klopp pushing through, continuing to operate at the highest level, after losing their mothers and not being able to see them - I just can't imagine that. Massive admiration and sympathies to them both.
The Stranger
The Stranger Ай мурун
Yeah it was so hard winning the league with unlimited funds. Manage an average team and win the league then give that same speach.
kaza ahmed
kaza ahmed Ай мурун
Trust me
Haru Krentz
Haru Krentz Ай мурун
In the year where David Moyes deserves it most, he lost....
John Mcintosh
John Mcintosh Ай мурун
Well deserved I love this Guy and I don't support City top man and his teams play the most attractive football It's a privilege too have him in our league and I hope he stays for a long while to come ❤️✌️
ep1phany62 Ай мурун
Breaking News - Manager who is given the most money, wins the league. Pep is a great manager, but David Moyes achieved more this year.
Marlon S
Marlon S Ай мурун
@Makola Thato Lelope City is always the favorite, you would be crazy to write them off in November. LFC would have competed better if it wasn't for injuries and burnt out fwds. But Klopp didn't have the luxury of a strong bench. West Ham that almost got relegated had a good squad? It's a terrible squad, lacking in depth and quality. Antonio is the only striker and he is injury prone. Benrahma, Bowen, Yarmolenko, Lanzini. How many top 6 teams would any of them start or even make? Rubbish!!. If anything, Moyes deserves even more credit for bringing in a washed up Lingard after selling RECORD signing Haller and getting the best out of him. He also had the courage to drop Mr West Ham himself, captain Noble. (Not a popular decision @ first) . He chopped and changed his CB partnership and changed the system and used wing backs. He is a top manager. Without Moyes in charge they would probably have been in a relegation fight again.
Makola Thato Lelope
Makola Thato Lelope Ай мурун
@Marlon S you have hindsight in your favor. I don't believe you thought city would win it at the time. West ham had a good squad but it was underperforming. Lingardinho happened and the rest is history
Marlon S
Marlon S Ай мурун
@Makola Thato Lelope In November everyone was dropping points. But squad strength came through in the end for City. From almost being relegated to qualifying for Europe should be enough for Moyes to win.
Makola Thato Lelope
Makola Thato Lelope Ай мурун
@Marlon S I'm a city fan and trust me I wanted west ham to make it to the champions league. Moyes did wonders this season but one can argument without hindsight pep had it rough too. City was 11th in November, don't forget that. If moyes made it to the top 4 then yes he should've won it.
Marlon S
Marlon S Ай мурун
@Makola Thato Lelope The paradox is spot on. But I've rarely heard him being called a bad manager. Most people acknowledge he is very good. He is innovative and tactically astute, he also defends players performance wise and manages thier minutes. He has the luxury to rotate them to keep them fresh and reduce injury risk. But the resources have gone a far way to help him achieve success. Even he has acknowledged that on countless occasions. It's a fact. Moyes accomplishments are certainly greater, all things considered.
D sfd steel city
D sfd steel city Ай мурун
The best since sir Alex hands down ...and such a humble guy
Umar Chowdhury
Umar Chowdhury Ай мурун
Kelly Cates is a distraction
M M Ай мурун
Wat a joke , spends the most money and has unlimited resources, wins LMA manager of the season. For me it’s either moyes bielsa or brendan
VinnieV 880
VinnieV 880 Ай мурун
This should be determined by the resources the manager had relative to the league position. Easy to say he’s the best coach when he’s spent £500m on players.
M M 28 күн мурун
@artearmy crying at a chequebook manager 🤡🤡🤡would never lace fergies boots. Even klopp had to start from scratch at Liverpool and spent better than pep
VinnieV 880
VinnieV 880 Ай мурун
@M M Pep is just a rich man’s Bielsa. Unlike Pep, Bielsa isn’t afraid of a challenge and working with what he has
jimmy jango
jimmy jango Ай мурун
True, but it's not a given that you can play such brilliant football consistently, look at United, they throw big money around every year, but only recently look like improving.
Tilikum Tim
Tilikum Tim Ай мурун
@M M Definitely Moyes, he's done more with a lot less this season.
artearmy Ай мурун
@M M poor LOSERS keep crying 🧂 🤡
CLIPPED Ай мурун
Would love Pep to win Man City a UCL, idc just don't want Chelsea to do it plus if the other 3 teams get it right this summer the Premier League 21/22 season could be insane 4 title race 🙏
Truth Ай мурун
I’m United fan and I want city to win the champions league. The man city story is becoming romantic everyday. And they know when we visit shityhad, we can beat them at will.
Sandesh Mishra
Sandesh Mishra Ай мурун
He should win 💙💙
MARTINJW25 Ай мурун
Pep is super humble, Always talking up Barca and SAF alike.
t b
t b Ай мурун
Moyes robbed
I don't know who know You know I Know
I don't know who know You know I Know Ай мурун
For what did he win anything do u remember city was in low in table when pl start then they comeback with 21 consecutive win
Prestissimo Master Station
Prestissimo Master Station Ай мурун
Guinness Harvey
Guinness Harvey Ай мурун
This effing manager
SR Ай мурун
£832M spent to win toughest league 👏👏👏
Jake Manning
Jake Manning Ай мурун
Nope, 792 mil. And Klopp spent 500 mil for TWO trophies lol.
Young Stars
Young Stars Ай мурун
Pep's one of my favourite managers, he's done amazing this season (nobody was talking about City winning the title in December btw) and this is by no means undeserved. However, given that West Ham managed to finish sixth, above the likes of Spurs, Arsenal and Everton, this award should have gone to David Moyes
Young Stars
Young Stars Ай мурун
@Muhammad Eyssa Yeah, as I said, this isn’t undeserved, but for a side who last season sealed safety in game 37, finishing top six is already insane. So Moyes should have pipped it, seeing as this is given based off just league performance (I’m assuming)
Muhammad Eyssa
Muhammad Eyssa Ай мурун
If he got top 4 then definitely.
Toby Ай мурун
Such class
Fart Garfunkel
Fart Garfunkel Ай мурун
I'm a Utd fan🇾🇪 but massive respect to Pep the best manager in the world congrats on the award very much deserved 👏👏👏👏
Where's My Jumper
Where's My Jumper 19 күн мурун
Yes easy when u have unlimited funds
Arabian 1
Arabian 1 Ай мурун
This is yeman flag not Manchester United
Adam Eccleston
Adam Eccleston Ай мурун
Pep is pure class
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris Ай мурун
Well done pep you absolute class act! Come on city in the cl final!
Drug You Should Try
Drug You Should Try Ай мурун
My manager💙💙💙
Alex Lock
Alex Lock Ай мурун
Not hard when you can buy a new squad every season 😂😂.
Grey Alien 2
Grey Alien 2 Ай мурун
For me the greatest
Connor F
Connor F Ай мурун
Would of loved to see a manager who exceeded expectations win it rather than a manager who did as expected. Especially as city had a bad start to the season
A M Ай мурун
Only need over a billion in players to win the league - I could do it with City.
Jake Manning
Jake Manning Ай мурун
@A M No. 762 million.
A M Ай мурун
@Jake Manning Was it 2 billion?
Jake Manning
Jake Manning Ай мурун
Pep didnt spend a billion
C M Ай мурун
Well done PEP .win the UCL and complete Ur agenda😂🙏
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Ай мурун
MU spent same amount as City in past decade yet only win 1 fa cup since saf retire
Joseph Vanhinsbergh
Joseph Vanhinsbergh Ай мурун
If Sam Allerdyce had the funds he had he’d win the prem too.
jaume torrens
jaume torrens Ай мурун
What a man!
MD MA Ай мурун
Was he eluding to Walker being on par with Alves and Lahm ??
jimmy jango
jimmy jango Ай мурун
I completely love Kyle Walker, I'm a city fan and his pace allows us to play the high press without too much fear of counter attacks, so vital to stopping teams like Spurs, Leicester, liverpool and United. Doesn't always work of course, they are great teams and players too, thank god for competition!
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris Ай мурун
Walker is class just saying....
patrick B
patrick B Ай мурун
Yn Wa
Yn Wa Ай мурун
Look am not saying he is not a great manager But having lot of financial facilities helps a lot And for me SAF and klopp came when their respective clubs were at the lowest with not much financial help and managed to succeed
Azza Ali
Azza Ali Ай мурун
Pep take 2 Champions League from sir Alex and he still happy form his words👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
tes Ай мурун
The best coch in the world 💙😍
Vik Z
Vik Z Ай мурун
He could've stuck with what he knew. Instead he throws a lifetime's worth of tactical knowledge up in the air and juggles it into another winning formula.
Waka Flocka Project
Waka Flocka Project Ай мурун
Pep is top class
Carl D
Carl D Ай мурун
Though league with crazy Refereeing.
Xxx Ай мурун
Quality manager only needs to conquer Italy and he's done.
Matt 19
Matt 19 Ай мурун
Some will say he was guaranteed to be successful with a club like city who can afford to buy the top players but those players still need to be managed properly. Take psg. They can be compared to city in terms of their set up but a psg game seems to consist of if everything doesn't go their way they just end up with neymar on the floor then a psg player gets sent off because they get frustrated and don't know what to do. Top players need to be managed well by a manager they respect.
Where's My Jumper
Where's My Jumper 19 күн мурун
@looblan oil money, selling to family members at high prices.
Conel Kimani
Conel Kimani 27 күн мурун
Nice reply
Kamogelo Moloto
Kamogelo Moloto 29 күн мурун
@coco fresh klopp has bought in 23 players at liverpool for 400mil and pep has spent 640mil on 17 players differences is 240mil. Trophy wise city has 3 league titles in the time and might soon add a champions league there. Research for more info...
coco fresh
coco fresh Ай мурун
lool you gotta be kidding me. Firstly PSG is in a farmers league, its no wonder they still havent won the champions league. true credit goes to klopp he inherited a club that hadnt won the league for 30 years along with the champions league after only 4 seasons in charge. He also used a budget half the amount of guardiola. Guardiola inherited a team that won the league 2 seasons prior to his arrival and took 5 seasons to win the title, not to mention the emphatic budget hes been given
adergas1 Ай мурун
@The Stranger I think he can!
Andrew Ай мурун
No matter how much money excuses you make. It’s not easy for a team that were 14th at the start of the season, who turned it around in the second half becoming champions of premier league. This shows that pep deserved this award.
Cloudy Ай мурун
Not going to be a tough league when they decide to spend 400 million every year in transfers
Jake Manning
Jake Manning Ай мурун
Which year was that?
Xxx Ай мурун
Your right but it's a totally different way imo to the likes of Real Madrid and Munich for instance
Alan Tittus
Alan Tittus Ай мурун
Alan Tittus
Alan Tittus 22 күн мурун
@Fred 55 hahhahah city league fan boy spotted
Fred 55
Fred 55 Ай мурун
SirNtokozo Ай мурун
Looool Dani Alvez, Phillip Lahm ...or Kyle Walker
Lok Sabha
Lok Sabha Ай мурун
Everybody knows it is the toughest and of course he has to say it is the toughest league to substantiate his win as manager of the year and winning the premier league.
SweetScience93 Ай мурун
Money won you it lol. Give it to Moyes.
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door Ай мурун
He has got to thank Jordan Pickford for the stroll to the title this season.
Muhammad Eyssa
Muhammad Eyssa Ай мурун
@mag 1981 How about in these last 10 games? Muppet. You’re lucky that pig injured our best CB and the rest of our players turned into glass. Hope we have a good title race next season tho.
mag 1981
mag 1981 Ай мурун
Teams have figured Liverpool out, with or without Virgil
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door Ай мурун
If man City wins the champs league, they will finally be on par with Aston Villa and Nottingham forest. Congrats on the achievement.
Fred 55
Fred 55 Ай мурун
If they win it and win it again next year they’ll be on par with Forest
Baraka Mandi
Baraka Mandi Ай мурун
@M M yes it is bruh.. It was the biggest European cup of its time.. Educate yourself 😂
M M Ай мурун
@Baraka Mandi not really a european cup though is it? 😂😂
Muhammad Eyssa
Muhammad Eyssa Ай мурун
@Baraka Mandi Is that a dig at Liverpool?
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door Ай мурун
@Jeff Louis I stand corrected.
Zanussi Dish
Zanussi Dish Ай мурун
I've no idea how he does this year after year.. Sometimes signs players fon less than 100m. Wouldn't be surprised if he finds a player from Tottenham or Dortmund to make them even better.
Zanussi Dish
Zanussi Dish Ай мурун
@Sonny Cheema I like how you sign off your reply. Is that what you always use as a description or do you use insulting glory hunter sometimes?
Muhammad Eyssa
Muhammad Eyssa Ай мурун
@Sonny Cheema It’s true tho 😂 and I like being a virgin mate 😂🤫
Sonny Cheema
Sonny Cheema Ай мурун
Money doesn’t guarantee success. Ask man united. Also we’ve never spent more than £65m on a player. Jealous virgin
The 1st Show
The 1st Show Ай мурун
ZackDoesEverything Ай мурун
This is rigged, Moyes should have won it
ZackDoesEverything Ай мурун
@Tom Matthias stfu plastic fan
Tom Matthias
Tom Matthias Ай мурун
Cry more
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith Ай мурун
Moyes should of got it
Lini McFc
Lini McFc Ай мурун
Tam3rlane Ай мурун
Im a bit biased here, but I honestly thought Bielsa was in for a good shout for this, to get our side to 9th with some lovely to watch football (ok horrible for our defensive stats at times) is a credit to how we've progressed as a club, none of that happens without Bielsa. Pep is obviously a fantastic manager, and Man City are a fantastic team though.
Rexuz Ай мурун
@fraz6354 also the fact that he almost broke the world record of most wins in a row from a football club. In a season where pretty much every team in all 5 big leagues struggled.
Tam3rlane Ай мурун
@Adam W Not sure on Brendan Rodgers I kind of had them sitting in that position in the table, or there abouts anyway. Moyes would have been a good shout though.
Tam3rlane Ай мурун
​@fraz6354 Yeah Moyes would have been a good shout too to be fair
Adam W
Adam W Ай мурун
Moyes or Brendan Rodgers over Leeds manager, west ham was projected to be relegated by everyone at the start of the season
fraz6354 Ай мурун
David Moyes a shout too, but with City on the verge of another treble and playing amazing football, its hard to look past this man.
Jai Ess
Jai Ess Ай мурун
Best manager in the world atm
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Ай мурун
Ever I'd say.
Matthew Phelan
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This is the toughest league that's why I spend so much to make it easier for me
Inside the mind of Pep Guardiola
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Pooh Shiesty's ABCs
Көрүүлөр 302 миӊ.
Race Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
Көрүүлөр 5 млн
Reacting To The 2021 NBA Draft Lottery
Көрүүлөр 128 миӊ.
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 - IT'S A START!
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