Chazzy 23 саат мурун
Damn scholes, ferdinand, Roy, Rooney.. those days
Soul of Red
Soul of Red 23 саат мурун
Removing the bottle trend? Journalism is dead. How is moving 2 coke bottles out the way so the camera can see all of you a trend. Pretty sure they put those bottles and the water there for all interviews. If someone's placing them in the way is it that weird to think a few players might move them. Sky is run by a kid seemingly
Damui 23 саат мурун
england vs germany, who ya got
Baz Collins
Baz Collins 23 саат мурун
This was my bread and butter volleys......if i didn't get 15 goals i be disappointed
Istiak 23 саат мурун
It’s coming
Struan robertson
Struan robertson 23 саат мурун
Leeds went way down in my estimations after that....disgusting behaviour
Kop Huddy
Kop Huddy 23 саат мурун
And it's costing Coke Millions 😂
Queenelle Күн мурун
Honestly I don't know what I going on people a doing getting excited for football for no reason fighting over who I going to win we are good not bad it is just a game
JuicyDeluxxxe Күн мурун
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Rx n
Rx n 23 саат мурун
The hell is this 💀
Rodolfo Braden
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Mercelo Navarro
Mercelo Navarro 23 саат мурун
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James Bull
James Bull 23 саат мурун
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Christian Solier
Christian Solier 23 саат мурун
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William Quispe 23 саат мурун
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Jack Travis
Jack Travis Күн мурун
The irony is this is drawing attention to these drinks when nobody cared they were there before 😂
U just got played
U just got played Күн мурун
An mma fighter started this trend called adesanya
mat mells
mat mells Күн мурун
pearce came out of retirement at request of manger then hoddle stabbed him in the back . only person ever to manage england while still playing . pearce was fanatstic one destroyed shefield wendesday on his own its on youtube look it up
bom89 ar
bom89 ar Күн мурун
people are like sheep its embarrassing
나해일Hailena✨ Күн мурун
1:31 so cool😁
village green society
village green society Күн мурун
They didn't win us anything
Parth Brahmbhatt
Parth Brahmbhatt Күн мурун
I think the best one is Bowyer vs Dyer is ever green etertainment, you can never get tired of watching it. The reaction from Shearer to the referee is also brilliant !
Michael Lumb
Michael Lumb Күн мурун
Gareth is tactically inept. If pep or klopp was the manager, England would pass it.
Mr Toad
Mr Toad Күн мурун
I can understand the missed kicks, poor passes straight to the opposition and dropped catches but Ian Walker's one always baffles me.
Truly United
Truly United Күн мурун
It's been blown out of portion now
Callum LFC Waugh
Callum LFC Waugh Күн мурун
That was a goal I felt sorry for wolves at the time.
ManiPlays YT
ManiPlays YT Күн мурун
Imagine Daniel Drinkwater being in this. It would be disrespectful if they said don't remove the coke
Haha Harold
Haha Harold Күн мурун
Kian jenkins
Kian jenkins Күн мурун
Chris D
Chris D Күн мурун
What's the issue with coke
Brad Cole
Brad Cole Күн мурун
Feel he was underrated not talked about much
christopher donaghy
christopher donaghy Күн мурун
Just waiting on the Russian coach with a massive burp into the mike.
Travoy Brown
Travoy Brown Күн мурун
are we still counting how many times he said "uhm yea"? lol
Sanna Kauppi
Sanna Kauppi Күн мурун
finland god Pukki
Jeff Craft
Jeff Craft Күн мурун
It’s not the only coke that Russian athletes have been having
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Күн мурун
Deli Ali and lingard and James madison should of been in squad.
Ronaldo got love for Palestine, that's why.. plus coke is bad for ya. Top man CR7
TC10Football Күн мурун
This presenter thinks he's the absolute bollocks
CrazyLizard!!! Күн мурун
Dishing out red cards for moving your arms to jump higher. Its just ridiculous
Only Me!
Only Me! Күн мурун
The music sounds like a guy richey movie!
Col A North East
Col A North East Күн мурун
Canny adverts for Cola tbf probably wouldn't have been noticed as much otherwise!
Scott Young
Scott Young Күн мурун
Coke is poison
Thomas Watson
Thomas Watson Күн мурун
So funny that people will lose their mf minds about somebody saying something as non-controversial as "drink water over Coke". And the wheel keeps turning...
Celtic Bhoy
Celtic Bhoy Күн мурун
“Nae coke” quality
JJ Күн мурун
The h he Russian coach brilliant.
Ryan Riley
Ryan Riley Күн мурун
He has to be worst we have seen
JJ Күн мурун
He's giving it more advertisement by moving it.
TheActual5000 Күн мурун
Put away the coke zero and Heineken. Drink that coke
Savage_Plumbus Күн мурун
2:10 sums up this whole malarkey
Seth Birungi
Seth Birungi Күн мурун
fox 72
fox 72 Күн мурун
You can't stop the shine
SAS Productions
SAS Productions Күн мурун
i love it when footballers fight like. u should of passed the all to me! no no u should of passed to me. like how old are ya 5? do a kickflip down a 5 stair.
Tuchel FC
Tuchel FC Күн мурун
Ronaldo's own little trend.
CHAYYS L Күн мурун
To be fair half the time they just finished playing in a game. I would want to drink water too
Maxx Viintage
Maxx Viintage Күн мурун
0:17 you need to also remove those earrings also Paul...not right in Islam...get rid quickly...
MR VEST Күн мурун
Ronaldo: moves cocacola with his hand everyone: oh omg oh oh omg
dude231ification Күн мурун
Not everyone wants to be the GOAT, enjoy your life 😂
Ejanla Japhet
Ejanla Japhet Күн мурун
Well done lads
Man-Mallet Күн мурун
Yet Pogba sit in front of advertising board with "Heineken" 🤔
Dan Oneill
Dan Oneill Күн мурун
Is it just me or does Southgate seem to be keeping something under his hat he doesn't seem to have the same confidence he seemed to have during the qualifying or the last world cup his whole body language the way he's twiddling his fingers and looking down At his hands whenever he's asked a question. But it seems like he's waiting on something that we don't know about an depending on what way it goes until he knows whatever it is he's not letting on about he doesn't seem to know what is gonna happen something is going on in that england camp that their not telling anyone about and untill they know what is what they don't even know for sure if they have a chance also england have clearly been pulling their punches in the games like their saving their best for the knock out stages cos look how many times england had openings and blatant chances and instead of going for it they would pass back much to our frustration like they know they are good enough to do it but they feel they don't need to yet I'm telling ya england have been intentionally taking it easy on their apponents as if their saving their best for when we face the top teams this is in their game plan cos we all know what England's attack is capable of so their giving the big teams fauls sense of confidence then come that next round england are gonna pull out all the stops and Hit our next game hard just watch this isn't cus england have no vision their just trying a new approach that's all it is I can't believe everyone else can't see that we're gonna win the next round just watch and I can't wait to see the look on all those negative pricks who are calling for Southgates resignation before the tournament is even got going
Wrightz Күн мурун
U wrote all of that just for nobody to read it
OneFoursEmperor Күн мурун
Stanislav Cherchesov felt obligated to tell him what Cristiano Ronaldo did. His manager gave zero fucks
Nell Shaw
Nell Shaw Күн мурун
Says it all - the nations known for their integrity promoting full fat coke
The Cooper Tech Kid
The Cooper Tech Kid Күн мурун
One clown follows another........
Liam Sullivan
Liam Sullivan Күн мурун
He can remove coke bottles from a press conference, but he couldn't remove Germany from the Euros.
Straight Outta Éire
Straight Outta Éire Күн мурун
Ishani P
Ishani P Күн мурун
Russian coach really needs to drink water instead of coke looking at his age
Alanthecat Күн мурун
can we remove footballers from press conference's also please
Jboi X
Jboi X Күн мурун
Nae coke? Yeah because they already had a bottle job being interviewed🤣 at least they won 0-0 vs England
M H94
M H94 Күн мурун
Pogba would have moved the Heineken bottle regardless if ronaldo did it or not
Seth Birungi
Seth Birungi Күн мурун
@Sammy Beck yeah
nukroturk Europe
nukroturk Europe Күн мурун
@Sammy Beck he needed guidance from cr7, end of discussion.
Sammy Beck
Sammy Beck Күн мурун
@nukroturk Europe Pogba's a Muslim so he would've still moved the Heineken bottle regardless.
nukroturk Europe
nukroturk Europe Күн мурун
Incorrect. Ronaldo was the worlds first famous bottle mover. When did Pogba become the second? 1 day later or less. Maths rules here. Ronaldo started it like it or not
Tim Macfarlane
Tim Macfarlane Күн мурун
Everyone needs to remember it's still a job. And more back then, they were normal working lads/men drinking beer and trying to live a life.. PURE PASSION
CarbonitePlays Күн мурун
In Russia, no one care if you drink water.
Arch man
Arch man Күн мурун
1:29 that's an expert right there
Ratius Rattius
Ratius Rattius Күн мурун
The Russian lad 😅😅😅😅😅
Ste Forster
Ste Forster Күн мурун
If England are difficult to play against then why did Scotland keep you out? You’ve played against 2 nations anyone could beat and Croatia. How many more times is this gonna happen? Soon as you play a team close to your level you end up tucking your tail between your legs and walking away with your head down. Nobody believes this criminally overrated circus of a team anymore. Russia was a complete fluke, easiest run ever and only played 2 teams on your level…and guess what, YOU LOST THEM BOTH.
Arch man
Arch man Күн мурун
0:45 don't pretend like you don't drink Mcginn😏
Epic Күн мурун
Messi could never
Thomas Watson
Thomas Watson Күн мурун
Neville in sky during InterNations is like your Mrs saying you can still be friends and spend time together when she's shagging her new fella
MancunianSwagger Күн мурун
Literally how can russian manager disrespect ronaldo or be a complete arsehole. Says who cares he "drinks water" but has fat belly lol this level of hypocrisy man.. How can anyone not like Cristiano anyway!!!!
IA3 Күн мурун
But pogba didn’t know about Ronaldo so he isn’t coping him 🤔
thang92 Күн мурун
I loved the trend water is the way thanks Ronaldo! 👏
Janjua __
Janjua __ Күн мурун
The amount of sugar in coke…good on CR7
thang92 Күн мурун
The Russian manager at the end saying he doesn’t care if ronaldo only drinks water lol obviously he’s not a professional footballer 😂 diet doesn’t matter to him clearly haha
rgqwerty63 Күн мурун
Seaman asking the important question "Is Gazza going?" 4:45